Saturday, June 14, 2008


I have become somewhat of a slacker on the old blog, and I know many of you are probably having serious withdrawls on your Kevy updates. For those of you who fall in this category, I ask that you frequent Nicole's blog (nicolettaslife.blogspot), as she is far more likely to have all the latest.

For my more devoted fans, I know this comes as a devestating blow. However don't fret, Nicole is a talented blogger with immense amounts of creativity. Her blog offers that well loved personal touch, that seems to be lacking in modern day scoiety. Although she may not fully understand the blogging world, she has found a way to at least attach a link for pictures!

However, I hope I don't lose your patronage entirely, as I will eventually update my blog. Just for now, I see no point when Nicole is doing such an excellent job.

I think it is an understatement when I say: Nicole Is Amazing!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What I do for Fun

Ever since I finished playing lacrosse I have found that I have had way to much competitiveness. Some people might even say I am "too competitive". This past summer I decided that I would take up running and cycling and swimming to fill the void in my life.

To help me with this new hobby I have an old mission companion, Cyrus Fox.
(No he is not a character from Harry Potter)

The problem with doing triathlons in Utah is that it is freezing cold most of the time!

Currently I am 1 and 3 against Cyrus in these races. Our fist race was a 10k in which he beat me by a couple of minutes. Then we did a 32 mile bike race that I won (by 15 minutes or about 5 miles). He has won both of the triathlons one by 30 seconds and one by 45 seconds. With the weather warming up again I am hoping to even out this record.

Monday, March 10, 2008

One Fish, Two Fish

The great thing about fishing is that whether or not you catch anything you still have planty of time to think and ponder on life's great mysteries. While on one of these outings I had an epiphany on one of life's greatest mysteries...Dating. I discovered that dating is just like fishing. Now, I know that my mind works a little different then most, so I will do my best to explain my understanding of dating.

You can go fishing all day (or a week or a couple of months) and not catch a thing. Perhaps it is because you are in the wrong place or are not using the right bait. Whatever it is, it isn't working.

Try not to be discouraged if your fishing partner seems to be catching all the fish.
Its not your fault.

So you change hooks and bait and line and you even go to another lake in search of anything that will take your bait. Eventually you find something that works and you start catching fish. There are all types of fish.

Some fish are small or "different" looking

Others are actually worth taking a picture with...

Beware of the Catfish though, you should try to throw them back in the water before anyone asks you what you caught.
(Sometimes it is better to get skunked)

No Photo Available
(Because I have never caught a catfish of course)

But then comes the day that you have been waiting for all your life. You catch that trophy fish! The one that you tell all your friends and family about and then hang on your wall forever.

Good Luck and Happy Fishing...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I'm Official

This week, after a grueling four hours of rules and regulations, I became a certified referee. I've ordered my striped shirt, yellow flag and whistle and I'm ready for action.

My main concern was when ordering my uniform that the shorts only came in two lengths: short and even shorter. Do I really want to be that ref? We would all be lying if we say that we haven't had a good laugh at the ref’s expense at his high socks and even higher shorts. There has to be some way in making this outfit sexy. And if anyone can do it, it’s going to be me! (picture to follow!)

I have yet to be assigned my first game, however I have a few things to work on before then. For example, I need to practice deep breathing for when those angry parents start yelling at me about rules they have no idea of, to try and cover the fact that their child has no talent.
Also I will be building up my arm strength to be able to have the best flag throw ... ever!!

I figured that if all else I'll be able to make some money and at the very least I have my Halloween costume ready for this year.

The Era of Blogging

After discovering that absolutely everyone has a blog, I decided I couldn't be odd man out, so here I am jumping on the blogging band wagon.

I think one of the main reasons I am moving on to the blogging world, is that I have recently outgrown the much beloved, but far too juvenile, Facebook. I have found that the blogging world can offer the same stalking abilities as Facebook but in a much more sophisticated and less obvious manner.

Alas ... Here I am!!